how to use text engine

Text Engine is a simple SMS messaging app, and it's very intuitive. All you have to do is send a command, along with your query, to the phone number, and you'll get an answer. It's that simple. You'll get the phone number after you sign up.

Watch the tutorial video below to see how to use Text Engine. Also, check out this blog post.

  • You text to Text Engine just like you would a regular person. Send a query to the Text Engine phone number. Use the commands found below.
  • For best results, get creative. For example, if you're looking for the phone number of a Safari in western CT, first try the "phone" command. If that doesn't work, try "Web phone ..."
  • Text Engine works best if you use the appropriate command for the type of info you need. e.g., "address" for address; "wikipedia" for articles, personalities; "web" for general web inquiries, currency conversions, and math conversions; etc..

Updated Command List and How to Form Proper Queries

Below is an updated list of commands you can use with Text Engine, along with appropriate syntax.

  1. MENU: This gives you several text messages with all the current commands Text Engine understands.
  2. Distance from two locations: Text Distance from city, state to city, state. e.g., "Distance from lakewood, nj to dean, nj"
  3. Driving directions: Driving directions from address 1 to address 2. e.g., "Driving directions from 156 spring creek road, lakewood nj to 1452 battle drive, dean nj"
  4. News: News + topic. E.g., "News syrian refugee crisis", or "news who's winning the republican primaries"
  5. Web: Web + query. E.g, "web 1 mile is how many kilometers", or "web how do you say 'book' in spanish".
  6. Phone/Address: Phone + business name + city, state. E.g., "phone pizza brothers, bedminster nj". Note: If the "phone" command doesn't retrieve the correct phone number, try combining it with the "Web" command, e.g., "Web phone pizza brothers, bedminster nj".
  7. Wikipedia: Wiki + topic or article. E.g., "wiki barack obama", or "wiki cell mitosis".
  8. Weather: Weather + zipcode. E.g., "Weather 90210".
  9. Current Temperature: "Temperature 33181"
  10. Definitions: Define + word. E.g., "Define assiduously". Note: The "Define" command pulls the definition from a snippet in Google search results. As a result, it sometimes adds extra information that is not part of the definition, or doesn't give all the senses of the word. If the "define" command doesn't retrieve the correct phone number, try combining it with the "Web" command, e.g., "Web definition of assiduously".
  11. Stock prices: $stock + ticker symbol. E.g., "$stock YHOO" (for Yahoo stock price). Note: You must prepend the query with the "$" sign. If you don't know the ticker symbol, you can use the "Web" command to retrieve it, e.g., "Web what is Yahoo's ticker symbol".
  12. Zip codes: Zip code + city, state. E.g., "zip code for mission hills, ca"
  13. Closest to: Fetch the nearest object to two cross streets. E.g., "Grocery store closest to oltorf rd and I-35 Austin tx", or "Bookstore closest to Princeton University"
  14. Spanish-English translation: E.g., "EN|ES how are you". Or, "ES|EN cómo estás".
  15. French-English translation: E.g., "EN|FR how are you". Or, "FR|EN je t'aime".
  16. Twitter feeds: E.g., "What's the twitter feed for Hatzolah Flatbush, NY"
  17. Airport wifi credentials: E.g., "Wifi San Francisco airport". Or "Wifi Manila airport"
  18. Federal and State Legislative Reps: e.g., "reps 07079".  Or "reps 10 Maple Ave., Metuchen NJ 08840".
  19. Currency Conversions: You can use the "Web" command.  e.g., "web 1 EUR to USD", or "web 1 ZAR to GBP".

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