Why Do People Use A Text Message Lookup Utility?

Why Do People Use A Text Message Lookup Utility?

Someone recently asked me on Quora, "Why would somebody use a text message lookup app?" I also had another person from Craigslist recently ask me, "Why would someone use Text Engine instead of just doing a Google search?" People often wonder what the appeal of Text Engine is, especially when we tell them that we gain new users each day.

So, here are the top reasons people use our text message lookup service:

To Save on Data

Using a text message search engine saves your data. Mobile web browsers eat up more data when you're not connected to wifi. By contrast, texting uses almost zero data. There have been times when I've turned off my data signal completely, but I was still able to use Text Engine! For people on no-data mobile plans with carriers like Republic Wireless, Boost Mobile or PagePlus, Text Engine comes in very handy.

To Get Web Info In Remote or Rural Areas


A large portion of our users live in the Appalachia region of the U.S. These are often rural regions with limited or spotty wifi connectivity. Add to that the fact that this region has a disproportionate number of lower-income and poor people, and you can easily see the problem. One of our colleagues told us that many people in Appalachia still use dial up internet service! These folks rely Text Engine to give them web access when they have no wifi or data signal.

To Avoid International Roaming Data Charges

Along with saving data, many US overseas travelers use Text Engine to avoid roaming data charges. Again, since Text Engine uses almost zero data, travelers don't have to worry about coming home to an unpleasant phone bill surprise. Plus, since we have on-demand personal assistance, we can fetch most any info you'll need while out of the country. This way you don't have to use data to do things like find the nearest hotel, call a loved one back home, or hail a taxi app.

To Avoid the Clutter of Search Engines

Many of our users tell us that they like the simplicity of Text Engine display results. Since it's just text messages, it doesn't give you all the ads, knowledge graph boxes, and search results. Many users report that they prefer this; they like the ability to simply send a text and get only the info they need without all the clutter.

To Avoid Having to Upgrade to a Smartphone

A lot of our users are still using feature phones which don't have web browsers or internet capabilities. These lower-tech phones still serve their needs, so they don't want to upgrade. Text Engine makes their dumbphone smarter by enabling them to access information from the Web without needing a mobile browser or smartphone.

To Save Money

Based on a recent survey we conducted, Text Engine users report an average monthly savings of $4-$6 on their data bill. Most carriers offer very cheap unlimited texting plans. As a result, some users prefer to just get a low-cost texting plan and cancel their data plan altogether. This helps them save money.

Because It's Fun!

A good percentage of our users say they prefer Text Engine simply because it's more fun. It's fun to be able to send a text query and get an answer by text. It's also fun to append the #human hashtag to a request and have a human assistant respond.

Why do you use Text Engine? Let us know in the comments.