The Philippines: Texting Capital of the World

The Philippines: Texting Capital of the World

The truth is the average Filipino will hesitate to use their minutes/load to make phone calls.

They are king of text messaging because of this.  Most Filipinos find texting is a convenient way to communicate without needing to spend their phone loads.    

Josefina Lichauco writes, “This is the Philippines, the text messaging capital of the world, where SMS (Short Message Service) has given rise to a subculture with its own lingo, folklore and etiquette. Fact is, in the Philippines, the words ‘I will call you’ have been replaced by ‘I will text you.’ “

Culturally, there are many reasons for the popularity of the SMS in the Philippines. Filipinos have a sense of community that drives them to stay connected. They just love keeping in touch and SMS via cell phones allows people to do so.

The extraordinary popularity of text messaging in the Philippines has even spawned a subculture the media has dubbed Generation Txt.

Because of the highly social nature of Philippine culture and the affordability of SMS compared to voice calls, SMS usage shot up, and texting quickly became a popular tool for Filipinos to keep in touch.

Today, surveys report about 400 million text messages are sent by Filipinos every day or 142 billion a year! No wonder the Philippines is known as the “texting capital of the world.”  If at an average person owns two phones, then we’re talking about 50 million plus Filipinos texting every day.

SMS also took off dramatically in the Philippines because of the affordability of the service compared to expensive Internet access.  In 2016, about 43.5% of Philippine residents accessed the internet, according to a recent poll by Internet Live Stats.  Text Engine reports that there is growing demand in the Philippines for SMS internet search services.   

Because the SMS messaging app works without the need for WiFi or data, people in regions with spotty Internet and data connections can still access the World Wide Web. And save on data plan charges in the text capital of the world.