Text Engine vs. TxtWeb: Which Is Better?

Text Engine vs. TxtWeb: Which Is Better?

One of our chief competitors is TxtWeb, which offers some of the same features as Text Engine. But how does TxtWeb really stack up against us?

Since our users have told us that the "Web" and "Weather" functions are the must haves, we decided to do a taste test against TxtWeb to see how well they perform in these two areas. Here were the results.

Web or Google Search by Text

Our first test was the Web (or Google) search function. As you can see, TxtWeb (left) didn't score too well in this category. In fact, it's "@Goog" command didn't retrieve any results.

On the other hand, Text Engine (right) performs Web/Google searches by text very well. We even implemented a new feature which allows users to dive deeper into the first page of Google by using the MORE command.

Weather Forecast by Text

Next, we tested TxtWeb's "Weather" command. Would TxtWeb give us a simple, 2-day weather forecast by text message? The results here were pretty conclusive as well:

TxtWeb (left) couldn't seem to retrieve the weather for our area, giving a strange error. One not very user-friendly thing about TxtWeb's weather search is that users cannot get weather for any region or zipcode. Their service only gives you the weather based on your network location. #FAIL!

Unlike TxtWeb, Text Engine can give you the weather for any zipcode in the US or Canada. Our weather command is simple and intuitive. You simply text "Weather + your zipcode" and Text Engine gives you the 2-day forecast in that region.

TxtWeb does do well in a couple of areas. For example, its Wikipedia search is quite good, giving you several sentences of an entry and the ability to read deeper into an article. Also, TxtWeb's "Define" command is very robust, giving you multiple meanings for a particular word.

However, TxtWeb's "News" command is sorely lacking. For instance, it only gives you news headlines in India, and it will not allow you to read about any news item you want. By contrast, Text Engine gives you headlines but also allows you to get more news on any news story.

Additionally, Text Engine provides many more important search commands, including Flight Status, World Clock, Movie Listings, and even Driving Directions. In fact, Text Engine is the only text message search engine in the world that provides this breadth of vital web services by text message.

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