Text Engine Helps Obamaphone Subscribers

Text Engine Helps Obamaphone Subscribers

The Obamaphone program was established in its current form in 2012. Subsidized by the federal government and underwritten by the Federal Communications Commission, the program offers low-tech mobile phones - dubbed "Obamaphones" - to people below 135% of the national poverty line. One really cool thing we discovered this week is that one of our users is an Obamaphone representative who signs up Obamaphone users for Text Engine!

In a recent survey we conducted, we asked our users some questions about how they use Text Engine. One user, Bob from NY, is an Obamaphone vendor. He told us that the main problem Text Engine solves for him is allowing his Obamaphone subscribers to surf the Web.

Most Obamaphones do not have web browsers or apps. As a result, most Obamaphone users cannot access basic web information like news, business listings, Wikipedia articles or weather on their phones. But with Text Engine, now they can.

We were extremely thrilled to hear that our service was being used in this way. In today's increasingly knowledge-based economy, the internet is a necessity, not a luxury. Helping lower-income people look up an address, find a phone number to a place of business, get driving directions, translate a phrase from English to Spanish, etc., while on the go can mean the difference between upward mobility and missed opportunity.

Connecting the offline world to the Web is our broader mission, and we love hearing that Bob is using us to do just that!