South Africa, Can You Text Us Now? Good!

South Africa, Can You Text Us Now? Good!

Thursday, August 4, 2016: Today, we are announcing our beta launch in S. Africa. We're pleased to report that Text Engine is up and running in the region! One of our partners on the ground in S. Africa confirmed that she was using Text Engine successfully.

We are excited to be able to bring Text Engine to the peoples of South Africa. Our mission has always been to connect the offline world to the Web using text messages. And Africa has always been closest to our hearts because still over 50% of Africans do not have smartphones or stable internet access.

South Africans Get Paid to Text!

We're offering a special incentive for South African users to try Text Engine. For a limited time, we are paying you to sign up for Text Engine and use it! No, seriously! When you use Text Engine, you will occasionally be shown what are called "payout" ads. That means when you click them, you earn money.

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