Get an Assistant On-Demand with Text Engine's #HUMAN Hashtag

Get an Assistant On-Demand with Text Engine's #HUMAN Hashtag

With Text Engine's on-demand #HUMAN assistant, the sky's the limit on what you can accomplish by text message. We have human operators standing by to give you personalized attention and care by text message. Whatever you need, just text it to one of our assistants, and we'll handle it for you. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket.

You can text the concierge whenever you need to, as often as you need to - it's all included in the monthly membership fee. Your assistant can place a call to a relative, get detailed flight details, look up an address or phone number in a foreign country - whatever you need. Your texting on demand assistant will do it for you, and you won't have to use a bit of data.

You simply pay one small monthly membership fee ($7), and it's all included.

To start using #HUMAN operator service, sign up here and tick the "#human operator support" option.

CASE STUDY: AVOIDING International DATA Roaming Fees

One really valuable application of the #human assistant service is when you're traveling abroad. If you've done much traveling out of the country, then you know how quickly roaming data charges can add up. Nothing puts a damper on your travel more than coming home from a relaxing, rejuvenating trip to a whopping cell phone bill. You don't want your phone bill to be the most memorable experience of your travels!

Did you know that text messaging utilizes almost zero data? That's right. You can actually turn off your data signal and still send and receive text messages. Texting also works without WiFi. So even if you have no data signal and no wifi signal, you can still send and receive text messages.

So, wouldn't it be awesome if you could use your built-in text messaging app to avoid those hefty international roaming data charges? Well, that's exactly what some of our users are doing with Text Engine, and you can, too!

Learn more about the #HUMAN operator assistant service here.