New Text Advertising Feature: Keyword Targeting

New Text Advertising Feature: Keyword Targeting

We're pleased to announce a new feature of our PPC text advertising service -- keyword targeting. As you may know, we've always had the ability to target by location (area code). Now we're giving our customers keyword targeting to increase clickthroughs and conversion rates.

You'll notice a new field on the order form. This is where you'll enter the keywords you would like to target. When users text these keywords within their queries, it will trigger you ad to display to them. Like Google Adwords, this gives you better inbound targeting to match searcher intent.


The text message advertiser above has chosen to target keyword "marketing." When a Text Engine user uses this keyword within a query, this advertiser's ad will be displayed. 

Area code plus keyword targeting means that you can now get more granular in your targeting. You can take advantage of our advertising and connect with consumers in their local area. You can also reach more relevant audiences when they are actually looking for your products.

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