CPM or CPC Advertising: Which Is Right for You?

CPM or CPC Advertising: Which Is Right for You?

We've been working very hard over the past 10 months to provide increasing value to not only our users but to our advertisers as well. Our users are of course very important to us, and we are always striving to improve our product for them. However, the truth is that without our advertisers, we couldn't sustain our business either.

Text Engine is almost 100% advertiser funded. It is our advertisers that allow our users to continue to use our utility free of charge. Our advertisers also allow us to provide human operator support. Therefore, we have created two advertising products designed to bring advertisers more leads, customers and sales.

Our Impression-Based Ad Product

Our original ad product is based on generating a lot of impressions over a set period of time. Advertisers can choose to buy advertising in weekly blocks of time. We sell this product on the Fiverr marketplace, and we sign up new advertisers for this product on pretty much a daily basis.

We call it "Impression-based" and not "CPM" because we technically do not charge a specific rate per 1000 impressions, as other ad platforms do. Rather, we provide as many impressions as we can during the time frame the advertiser chooses. Additionally, we use a weighting algorithm for advertisers who buy larger blocks of time and repeat customers that cause the ads to show more often.

The value of this product to the advertiser is that he pays a flat fee for a specific amount of time. No matter how many impressions or clicks his ad gets, he still pays the same fee. This is the preferred product for budget-conscious advertisers as well as those whose ads are not click based. Currently we process well over 3,000 queries and over 24,000 ads per month. So this product provides the average advertiser with thousands of impressions per month at one low rate.

Our CPC-Based Ad Product


Although our impression-based ad product is hugely popular, it is not right for every advertiser. Many advertisers prefer our pay per click product. For them we created a CPC ad product ("CPC" stands for "Cost Per Click"). One of the major value propositions Text Engine offers is that our ad-serving platform enables us to attribute clicks within a text message to specific users. No other SMS-based app does this.

What this does for our advertisers is provide them with tremendous value. Unlike the impression-based product where advertisers have to pay a minimum amount, our CPC advertisers can now pay essentially any amount they want. We can charge a flat fee per click for them, and they can know exactly how many clicks they are going to get for their ad spend.

Which Product Is Right for Me?

If you are an advertiser trying to decide which ad type is best for your business, we're here to help. Send us an email and we'll be happy to answer your questions. Generally speaking, if your primary goal is getting eyeballs on your ad, then you will go with the impression-based product. On the other hand, if your primary goal is getting clicks to a landing page, or conversions, then the CPC-based product is probably best.