Text Engine On-Demand With Twitter SMS

Text Engine On-Demand With Twitter SMS

On-demand SMS services like Magic and Alfred have gained widespread use in the U.S. These personal assistant services enable Americans to order food, hail a cab, book a hotel, and carry out other transactional tasks. But in emerging markets, where SMS is often times the only mode of communication, these on-demand services could be much more vital.

In order to bring our #human assistant service to more Text Engine users, we've created a Twitter chatbot (@textenginebot) which syncs to our SMS human operator platform.

Why We Chose Twitter

Twitter is a perfect medium for this because of its SMS integrations. Through Twitter, users can communicate with other Twitter users solely via SMS. Since Twitter already has the SMS infrastructure in place with all US mobile carriers, we could just piggyback off of Twitter's technology.

How Text Engine for Twitter Works

Here's how to use our texting on demand service with Twitter:

1. First, follow @textenginebot on Twitter.

2. Add and verify your mobile phone number. To do this, while logged in, go to this page.

3. Add your mobile phone number to receive the verification code.

4. Enter the verification code in the field. This verifies your phone number. Now you're able to start using the Twitter SMS short code.

5. Select the notification options you prefer from the list. At a minimum, you'll want to select mentions and direct messages.

6. Save your settings.

7. Find your country's short code from the list of Twitter-approved short codes. This is the number you will text to reach @textenginebot. In the US, it's 40404.


Add your phone number. Enter the verification code from Twitter. Then select the notification options you want. Next, find your country's Twitter short code. Now you're set to send and receive direct messages to and from @textenginebot. The Twitter shortcode that is assigned to your country is the number you'll use to reach @textenginebot.

Texting to @textenginebot

Now you're ready to start using the service. To make a request or place an order, simply send @textenginebot a direct message. You can also send an @mention with your request.

Of course, you could just tweet to us regularly, through Twitter, without using SMS at all. But we're showing you how to use Twitter through SMS for those who rely heavily on SMS.

What Happens When We Receive Your Request?

Once we receive your request, a human assistant will respond to you. If your request is for information, the assistant will send you a secure payment link to check out. If you've enabled text notifications in your Twitter settings to receive text messages for mentions and direct messages, @textenginebot's reply will be sent to you via your country short code:

Is This Service Free?

Services that only involve transmitting information cost $1. If we are placing an order for you, there may be an additional charge for the transaction.

Right now, we accept PayPal, credit or debit card.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to contact us.